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Premed Director

Anderson Nguyen

UC Irvine School of Medicine

I am very excited to be your new National Pre-Medical Director! I grew up in Long Beach, CA and graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology (Go Bruins!). I am currently a first-year medical student at UC Irvine School of Medicine. My interests within medicine include student run free clinics, AAPI health advocacy, mentorship, community health, and healthcare in resource-limited settings. Outside of medicine, I love to explore new coffee and boba spots, try different ethnic food, and take my puppy to dog beaches.

Being involved in APAMSA has been a formative experience during my undergraduate years and I am very excited to continue being involved with APAMSA as a medical student. My goals for this year for the APAMSA Pre-Medical Director position are to (1) develop a system of APAMSA physician and medical student mentors for each APAMSA region so that pre-medical students can seek region-specific community outreach and clinical opportunities; (2) help pre-medical students become more informed about health issues that uniquely impact the AAPI community; (3) produce quarterly articles on different pre-medical experiences so that students can be introduced to a wide spectrum of research and clinical experiences; and (4) expand APAMSA’s pre-medical membership base.

I truly love the APAMSA family and I look forward to working alongside everyone during this upcoming year!

Premed Director

Bianca Ho

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Bianca Ho, and I am excited to serve as one of your Pre-med APAMSA Directors this year!

I grew up in Boston, and went to McGill University for my Bachelor's (Pharmacology) and Master's (Human genetics). I am currently an MS2 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx! Even though it’s been a while, I can still remember vividly how stressful and confusing my pre-med years were. I strongly believe that the current medical students of APAMSA are in a unique position to give back and make sure all pre-med students have access to guidance, mentors, and support.

As Pre-med APAMSA Director, my main objectives are to (1) increase the presence of pre-med APAMSA chapters across the nation, to (2) expand topics and improve accessibility of the pre-med resources on the APAMSA website, and to (3) streamline the pre-med mentorship program to be more user-friendly. I will be coordinating with the communications branch of the national board to achieve these goals. I am also in contact with past Pre-med APAMSA Directors to continue working on their initiatives such as the Official APAMSA Pre-med Guide and the database of mentors and existing resources. In achieving these goals, I hope to foster community and support among APAMSA members at all stages of their careers.




Resources and Opportunities

The road to becoming a physician is  difficult without guidance. Thus, National APAMSA is here to provide resources to help you succeed!

1) APAMSA Mentorship Program

--If you are a pre-medical student and would like to be a part of the mentorship program, please email premed@apamsa.org. Our mission is to guide pre-medical students through the hurdles of college, MCAT, AMCAS, & many more through establishing a relationship between mentor (medical students) & mentee.

2) MD100 Project at Nhan Hoa Clinic in Southern California

--The non-profit & federally qualified health center, Nhan Hoa Clinic, and a group of pre-medical students initiated the MD100 Project in 2013. The MD100 Project's mission is to assist fellow students become acquainted to the intensity of the medical field as well as to offer guidance in order to become a successful medical school applicant. Furthermore, our goal is also to enlighten students with the joy being involved and lending a hand in making the world a better place.

Every year, MD100 Project holds its biggest event, 5-Weekend Seminar, to provide guidance to pre-medical students through workshops such as an overview of medical school, AMCAS, personal statement tips & MCAT, mock interviews, medical student panel, and physician panel. If you are interested in learning more about the medical field, click on the link below to view the 5-Weekend Seminar's podcasts.

MD100 Project

3) Additional Resources

Free Download of Undergrad & Med school Overview PDF

Free Download of AMCAS Powerpoint

MD100 Project

Premed Essay Contest (2011)

Premed Extracurricular Activities

Application Resources