Type II Diabetes is rising globally, and can lead to many chronic consequences such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), including coronary heart disease and stroke. These diseases have had a particular impact on South Asian populations—studies show that South Asians are approximately 4 times more likely to have CVD or diabetes than other ethnic groups. Even further, CVD and Type II Diabetes have shown to develop at an earlier stage as well as progress at a faster rate leading to more severe complications in South Asian populations.

Projection data estimates that South Asians will contribute a dramatic 40% to the global cardiovascular disease rate by 2020. The reason for this disproportionate impact on South Asians isn’t completely clear but there are speculations that it could be related to increased insulin resistance within the ethnic genetic pool. Another large contributing factor could be lack of physical activity and high caloric diets which may be characteristic of South Asian ethnic lifestyle.

This is important for health care professionals to recognize in treating South Asian populations so that proper screening methods are established for early detection and appropriate management of risk factors assessed. It’s also important to empower South Asian populations to practice self-management and preventative factors to reduce the likelihood of developing disease. As such, attached below are links to exercise guidelines and Asian food healthy recipes that can serve as a resource to South Asian and all populations.

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