Region I


Jacqueline Vuong

Boston University School of Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I am an MS2 at Boston University School of Medicine. I am from San Jose, California, but moved to the east coast (AKA the arctic tundra) to attend the Seven-Year Accelerated BA/MD Program at Boston University. During my undergraduate years, I double majored in Medical Science and Psychology, and was actively involved in the leadership development of Asian American students as part of the BU and New England Vietnamese Student Associations.

After working closely with the Vietnamese American populations in both Boston and San Jose, I believe that Asian American health disparities are very intricate and all-too-often overlooked. Moreover, I think that AAPI physicians are underrepresented in health care leadership, and these voices are crucial in calling attention to the disparities we face as a population. APAMSA provides a great avenue for us all to address these issues. As a regional director, I hope to foster collaboration between our member schools so that, together, we can better advocate for the AAPI community!

Catherine Zhu

Boston University School of Medicine

Hi there! My name is Catherine Zhu and I am a M1 at Boston University School of Medicine. Having moved around a lot as a kid - from D.C. to Florida to Michigan to South Carolina, and now to Boston - I’ve come to truly understand the breadth of the challenges we face as a minority. During my undergraduate years at the University of Michigan, I became involved in the student groups that worked to provide education on issues facing the AAPI community. I hope to continue to help connect passionate students and foster the advocacy of the many issues that affect our diverse AAPI communities. I'm excited to work with everyone over the next year!

Region II


Justin Chin

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Justin Chin and I am a second year at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am originally from California and did my undergrad at the University of California, Berkeley. I am the president of my medical school’s APAMSA chapter as well as the president of my school’s ophthalmology and otolaryngology interest group. As one of your regional directors, I look forward to communicating and collaborating with each one of the chapters in region 2 so that we can have a great year

Angela Cai

New Jersey Medical School

Justin Song

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Region III


Vivian Nguyen

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

George Zhang

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is George Zhang, and I am a M2 at Johns Hopkins University. I grew up in the wonderful state of Maryland and attended the University of Maryland for my undergraduate degree. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV, playing basketball, and going on long runs around Baltimore.

Along with my fellow Region 3 co-directors, I look forward to serving the AAPI community this year from both chapter and regional levels by planning the regional conference at Hopkins as well as supporting and creating new regional initiatives!

Ji Ae Yoon

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Vivien Xie

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Hello everyone! My name is Vivien Xie and I am currently an MS2 at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. I hail from the Baltimore area and I am a proud alumna of the University of Maryland, College Park.

I'm extremely excited to be more involved in APAMSA this year as one of Region III's RDs. I am passionate not only about AAPI health issues, but also all disparities that minority groups face. I believe educating others to be sensitive and cognizant of each group's unique challenges drives change and more compassionate care.

I hope to foster a sense of collaboration among APAMSA chapters and inspire others to become leaders in their communities.

Region IV


Jay Kang

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

My name is Jay, Vanderbilt MS2 and I am excited to serve y'all as your Region Director. Asian Americans are a minority in the South, culturally and numerically, and it will be rewarding to raise awareness and provide support for our community members.

Raymond Zhou

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

My name is Ray Zhou. I am a first-year medical student at Vanderbilt University. I grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, and majored in Biology at UCLA. By addressing Asian-Pacific Islander health disparities in Southern California during college and near my home during my NIH postbac, I have been introduced to many people that inspire me. I am proud to give back to the APA community that has given me wellness, mentorship, and professional opportunities. Through my work, I have seen the value of facilitating communication and collaboration between groups across the country. As Director of APAMSA’s Southeast Region IV, I aim to foster relationships between APAMSA chapters that ultimately improve the health of APA community members everywhere.

I enjoy outreach events that allow us to discuss multi-faceted problems, such as mental health and hepatitis B. For Asian-Americans, these issues are hard to understand from a medical perspective, and hard to confront from a sociocultural perspective. Through candid discussion, we can continue developing solutions for Asian-American health disparities to be shared with others. I want to facilitate communication with my teammates. As a board member, I would see the APAMSA’s board, national chapters, and target population as a one big team.

As Regional Director, my goal will be to strengthen relationships between Southeast APAMSA chapters. I would organize professional events that allow for networking, and of course, social events that keep us well with wellness. I would also apply social media to keep up with other APAMSA chapters online. #wellness

Chenchen Feng

Tulane University School of Medicine

Hi, my name is Chenchen Feng. I grew up in Westport, CT and went to Duke University for my undergraduate studies. I'm currently a second year at Tulane University School of Medicine, and I wanted to get involved in APAMSA to learn more about and work with the local Asian community here in New Orleans.

Region V


My Phoung Tong

Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine

Katie Nguyen

Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine

Andrew Hsu

Region VI


Clara Kao

Washington University School of Medicine

Hi everyone! I'm Clara, and I am currently a M1 at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. I grew up in Shaker Heights, OH and attended the University of Chicago for undergrad.

During my undergraduate at the University of Chicago, I first became involved with the AAPI community through the Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA). Over the past few years, I had the unique opportunity to build this community on our campus, and then further expand our relationships across Chicago, the Midwest region, and even nationally. Through these experiences, I was gradually exposed to the diversity and unique needs of the AAPI community. Now as a medical student, I recognize our privilege and responsibility to address and act upon identified social, political, and health issues facing the AAPI community. I am excited to take on the role as Regional Director of Region VI to support APAMSA in this endeavor!

Aprille Banchoencharoensuk

Rosalind Franklin University

Hi! My name is Aprille Banchoencharoensuk and I am currently a third-year pharmacy student at Rosalind Franklin University (RFU). I was born and raised in the Chicago land area where I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) for undergrad.

My story with APAMSA began when I was a first-year pharmacy student and was elected to be the College of Pharmacy Representative of our chapter. RFU is an interprofessional institution which welcomes students among the different health colleges to collaborate. During my second year of pharmacy school, I ran for treasurer of our chapter which is the position I continue to hold today. I wanted to further my involvement with APAMSA, and accepted the Regional Director position in hopes of continuing my relationship with this great organization following my last didactic year. I am excited to be working with my fellow Regional VI Directors and I look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us!

Jennifer Huynh

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Region VII


Minica Long

Keck SOM of USC

Hello! I am a first year medical student at Keck. I recently joined APAMSA and will be taking on the role of Treasurer for next year’s board. I have always been actively interested in working with the AAPI community, whether it is to raise awareness of different health disparities or to organize different community outreach events. As a Cambodian American in medical school, I feel very privileged to be in this position and would like to give back to my community and the AAPI community as well, to help provide patient education about various AAPI health disparities, like diabetes or hepatitis, or to spread awareness about the mental health issues that are often left unspoken in our communities. I am interested in this volunteer position as Regional Director because I would like to help plan the region VII conference, such that other students interested in APAMSA can also feel empowered to reach out to their communities and feel inspired to give more of a voice to the AAPI communities.

As a regional director, I hope to bring in voices and stories from Asian Americans of various backgrounds. Especially living in Los Angeles, I feel that there is a very diverse group of Asians here, and we should all recognize that even among our Asian American umbrella, there are different cultures and traditions in each subgroup, and different health disparities between each subgroup as well. In planning the APAMSA Region VII conference, I hope that we can organize an event in which all groups of AAPI feel represented.

Ellison Chen

Keck SOM of USC

I am a second year medical student at Keck SOM of USC. I've had the wonderful opportunity to advocate for the API community at our campus APAMSA chapter and I want to be more involved. As a Chinese immigrant myself, I feel very strongly about promoting awareness for API immigrants and making sure that healthcare providers are providing the most comprehensive care for them. I'm excited to help host the upcoming Regional Conference and I hope that I can enable attendees to realize new ways to improve API health.

George Nguyen

University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix

Hello APAMSA! My name is George Nguyen and I am a 2nd year medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix. I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and eventually graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Physiology. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing basketball, scouting the land for the best food, and lifting weights.

I am returning for a second term as a Regional Co-Director and I am excited to continue my involvement with APAMSA to serve you all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas and I look forward to impacting the API community together with you all!

Region VIII


Kimberly Ngo

UC Davis School of Medicine

Laura Duong

UC Davis School of Medicine

Hello! My name is Laura Duong and I am an MS1 at the UC Davis School of Medicine. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA and am a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles.

In my time at UCLA I was involved in projects that sought to reduce health and health care disparities within Asian/Pacific-Islander populations, as well as educational disadvantages within Southeast Asian populations in the Greater Los Angeles area. Having witnessed firsthand the impact of these inequalities on the trajectories of people’s lives, it is one of my goals as a future physician to continue to help change the status quo. I am looking forward to working with APAMSA to advocate for the health needs of vulnerable API populations as one of the Regional Directors for Region VIII.

Kryls Domalaon

UC Davis School of Medicine

Hi everyone! My name is Kryls Domalaon, an MS1 from UC Davis School of Medicine. I was born in the Philippines but was raised in Los Angeles, graduating with a B.S. in Biochemistry from California State University, Los Angeles. My hobbies include martial arts, singing, and reading.

Growing up as a low-income immigrant in Los Angeles' underserved communities, I entered medical school with a desire to not only better community health in clinical practice, but also to address the root causes leading to health disparities. I am excited to represent Region VIII as a co-Regional Director and look forward to working together with you all!