One very important aspect of the medical school application is the ability to demonstrate your passion for a medical career through extracurricular experiences and activities.  Below is a description/list of activities that may be of interest.  Please feel free to add to this list by sharing any resources you might come across by emailing us at

Center for the Study of Asian American Health: Education and Training Programs

A great summer experience which allows you to live in New York City that exposes you to health services research in the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community.  These experiences link clinical care outcomes with public health research initiatives.

Asian Health Services: REACH

Another great summer experience which allows you to spend 9 weeks in the SF Bay Area (Oakland Chinatown).  This program will expose students to how health advocacy can be implemented through both clinical care and community initiatives.  Students will also be exposed to many of the health care barriers in the API community (e.g. language barriers, transportation, access).  Applications are due in March for the following summer.

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

Summer and semester programs in Washington DC are great ways for college students to learn how government impacts all industries.  The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) can help pre-meds interested in health policy to work with members of Congress, the Department of Health and Human Services, lobbying groups, and think tanks.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THESE OPPORTUNITIES, DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF TO JUST APAICS AS THAT THERE ARE MANY ORGANIZATIONS THAT CAN GIVE YOU A GREAT WASHINGTON DC EXPERIENCE. Email us at for more information or be creative and search away on Google!

Research Directory for Pre-Med Students

This directory offers many summer research opportunities for pre-meds all around the country (some are paid).