When asking for money, show your dedication and enthusiasm for APAMSA.  The Deans, Alumni association, and sponsors should come away from your presentation with the feeling that even if they didn’t give you the money, you would start an APAMSA chapter regardless. You should convince them that you want to make this a reality and that you have a well thought out plan for doing this. You need to clearly state your reasons for why you think APAMSA is needed at your school and what benefit the organization would bring to your school.

Funding Resources at Your School

Don’t be afraid to ask: Most medical schools, both public and private, are happy to support APA medical student organizations. Good places to start are: Dean’s Office, Medical student council, Student Affairs, Minority Affairs. Be sure to emphasize that your events are open to all members of your medical school. Similarly, select events that will appeal to all your classmates.

Ask a specific academic department related to your event (for example, the Infectious Disease department or Microbiology department for a Hepatitis B education lecture). It’s always a good idea to co-sponsor events with other student organizations, particularly if you’re just starting an APAMSA chapter. This fosters collaboration and introduces you to the specific requirements for planning an event at your school.

Fundraising in Your Community

Be creative. Planning a fundraiser in your community can be fun, lucrative, and productive. It gives you an opportunity to explain what APAMSA is about and garner support. Some successful ideas from years past include: Baked goods sale (e.g. Chinese baked goods), Charity dance or dinner, Selling potluck lunch to your classmates, Cash / prize raffle.

Other Potential Funding Resources

AMA-Medical Student Section Policy Promotion Grant: Available to medical student groups interested in conducting projects and activities designed to further AMA policy. Grants awarded are $250 per project. For more information and an application, please call 1-800-AMA-3211 Ext. 4742.