Region VI Conference – Registration Open!

We are very excited to announce that the next APAMSA Regional Conference will be held at MCW on February 4th, 2017! Our Region (VI) includes 11 states in the Midwest and 12 medical schools, primarily from Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

We would like to invite you to attend our conference! This year’s theme is "Changing Perspectives: AAPI Patient and Provider Priorities". On the patient side, we will be exploring Asian cultural attitudes toward medicine, including preventative and complementary medicine. On the provider side, we will be discussing responsibilities of the physician, involving the advocacy and outreach of our 'model minority' AAPI community. In addition to learning more about issues that are crucial for the growth of our community, it would also be a great opportunity to network with fellow medical students from all over the region.

Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2017
Location: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
8701 Watertown Plank Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53226
Time: 8:30AM - 4:45PM
With a dinner/social to follow in the evening

$10 by February 1st, 2017
$15 thereafter, including on site registration
Please check with your school and/or local APAMSA chapter to see if funding is available
For more information and Registration:

Thank you for your consideration, we hope to see you at APAMSA's annual Region VI Conference! Please contact us at if you have any questions.


Christina Lin (Rush),Elizabeth Theng (UKMC), Yingfei Wu (MCW), Qiaonan Zhong (WashU)

APAMSA Regional Directors (Region VI)

Welcome New National Board and Regional Directors!

During the 2016 National Conference at Searle Conference Center of Rush University Medical Center, new members of the National Board and Regional Directors were elected.

We are pleased to introduce the 2016-2017 National Board and Regional Directors of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association! We welcome all the new and returning members and look forward to all your great work this year!

You can read more about them here:
National Board
Regional Board

2016 - 2017 National Board

(Pictured above)

Executive Board
President: Ruey Hu​ (Vanderbilt/Hopkins)
External Vice-President: Michelle Chen​ (UCLA)
Internal Vice-President: Alex Choy​ (Einstein)
Health Affairs Director: Jane Wang​ (Hopkins)
Finance Director: Tim Chow​ (UMKC)
Membership Directors: Nancy Dong​ (Einstein) and Samantha Wu (Michigan State)
Communications Director: Robert Fu​ (Emory)

In the Office of Health Affairs:

Mental Health Directors: David Dang Yang​ (Louisiana State) and Vickie Vuong​ (Rush)
Hepatitis Conference Director: Diana Cheung​ (NYITCOM)
Hepatitis B&C Director: Anderson Nguyen​ (UC Irvine)
Cancer Director: Catherine He​ (Einstein)
Community Outreach Director: Rochelle Wong​ (Vanderbilt)
Bone Marrow Director: Ashley Wu​ (Vanderbilt)
Health Education Director: Jacques Liu​ (Einstein)

In the Office of the External Vice-President:

AAPI Advocacy Directors: Anjali Jotwani​ (Stanford) and Gary Khammahavong​ (Brown)
Health Advocacy Director: James Ting​ (Hopkins)
Global Health Director: Phuong-Vy Le​ (Oregon)

In the Office of the Internal Vice-President:

Alumni Director: Munazza Hakim​ (Rosalind Franklin)
Academic Education Director: Yiing Hu​ (Maryland)
Premed Directors: Kate Xie​ (Vanderbilt) and Spencer Chang​ (Duke)
Database Director: Lydia Chow​ (Tulane)

In the Office of Finance:

Sponsorship Directors: Sean Xiang Liu​ (Rush), Junne Jiyoon Park​ (Wisconsin), and Elisabeth Wong (Brown)

In the Office of Communications:

Social Media Director: Linh Vu​ (UC Irvine)
Senior Editor: Purnima Gurung​ (USC)
Junior Editor: Angela Cai (New Jersey)
Network Director: Yilun Wang (Indiana)

Emeritus Advisors: Dr. Kevin Riutzel​ (UC Irvine Family Med), Dr. Robert Hsu​ (UMiami Internal Med), Dr. Hillary Draagonius​ (Stanford Internal Med)
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jhemon Lee, Dr. B Li

2016 - 2017 Regional Directors

Region I: Tim He (Brown), Rudy Chen (Brown)
Region II: Delia Shen (Einstein), Shannon Kiang (NYMC), Jaclyn Chen (Stony Brook), Brian Hsia (Einstein)
Region III: Jiajia Zhang (Hopkins SPH), Michelle Sheng (Jefferson), Alda Huang (Jefferson)
Region IV: Janice Hu (Duke), JT Wen (Vanderbilt), Roger Fan (Vanderbilt)
Region V: Christy Ky (Michigan), George Luo (Case Western), Saya Yusa (Michigan State)
Region VI: Yingfei Wu (Wisconsin), Nan Zhong (Wash U), Christina Lin (Rush), Elizabeth Theng (UMKC)
Region VII: Abigail Ahyong (Arizona)
Region VIII: Quang Truong (OHSU ), Nhi Ho (UCSF), Phuong-Vy Le Le (OHSU)

APAMSA National Conference 2016 – Registration Open!

APAMSA is proud to announce that registration is open for the 2016 National Conference. The conference will be held October 1, 2016 at the Searle Conference Center of Rush University Medical Center. A discounted registration fee of $65 is available to those who register before September 6. Discounted accommodations are available. The conference will feature a wide variety of speakers, workshops, panels, and experiences including healthcare leaders, physicians, researchers and executives. The keynote presentation will be given by Dr. Nolan Zane, Professor of Psychology and Asian American Studies at the University of California-Davis and Director of the Asian American Center on Disparities Research.

Session topics include

  • Humanities in Medicine
  • Succeeding on the Wards
  • Culinary Medicine
  • Addressing Mental Health through Policy and Practice
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • "Can" Documentary Screening and Discussion with Pearl Park
  • Suturing/Intubation/IO Injections Workshop

"Promoting Wellness from Within: Caring for Ourselves and Our Communities"

This year's theme aims to address the importance of mental health in the medical community. We will address issues underlying common mental health issues faced by students and healthcare providers. Through this conference, we aim to start a conversation about what it means to care for our mental health. We want to promote acceptance of self-care and will offer methods to maintain one’s mental well-being.

It is our goal to send you home from this conference with one message:
Care for yourself, so that you may best care for your community.

For more information or to register visit us at

Questions? Contact us at

Information flyers are available for sharing and are attached below

October 1, 2016, 8:30AM - 7:30PM

Searle Conference Center
1725 W. Harrison St., Room 500
Chicago, IL 60612


The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is a national organization of medical, pre-medical, and other health professional students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of Asian Pacific Islander communities. Visit us at

Conference Co-Chairs
Gabriella Rustia
Victoria Vuong
Mark Chee
Steven Trans
Soyoung Chang

Region VI Conference Recap

On February 13th, 2016 Loyola University's Chicago Stritch School of Medicine hosted the Region VI conference "Breaking the Silence"

The central theme of the conference was to address important issues facing the APIA community as well as cultural barriers or beliefs that contribute to the health disparities present today. Attending the conference were students from several schools in the region, as well as individuals curious about the topic and the organization.

The conference began with an address from APAMSA president Kevin Riutzel, reinforcing the ideals of the organization and appreciating the conference's role in exemplifying them.

Headlining the conference was keynote speaker Dr. Joseph Chen of DePaul University's School for New Learning. His message, titled "Advocating for the Model Minority: Remodeling the Myth" spoke to important issues confronted by Asian Americans in all walks of life. Speaking through his experiences in healthcare, academia, and industry, Dr. Chen addressed the central theme from a wide breadth of viewpoints. Drawing from his unique perspectives, Dr. Chen discussed his own journey through medicine and society and how that affects how he views patients and clients today.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Karen Kim from University of Chicago Medicine titled "Making the Invisible, Visible: Asian Americans and Health". Drawing from her experience in practice and research, Dr. Kim discussed issues in medicine that affect Asian Americans that are too often overlooked in general American medical practices. Dr. Kim cited her extensive research on medical issues prominent in Asian American communities as well as extending her research to health disparities and cultural acceptance to show how important and multifaceted this issue was and how small steps we can take at our level as medical students go a long way towards the future of multicultural healthcare in America.

On the far side of lunch we welcomed Dr. Hong Liu, Dr. Hideki Shikata, Dr. Phuong Tran, and Dr. Joseph Lee in a panel discussing "A conversation with Community Advocates". A wide breadth of topics were addressed from individual tips in community outreach and interaction all the way to how a national organization like APAMSA can help communities across the nation.

We were pleased to continue in more personalized settings in breakout sessions featuring Dr. Juliana Chan, Yoonsun Pyun, Dr. Namratha Kandula, and Dr. Helen Lam to reflect on the ideas and perspectives of the day. We also welcomed Dean Sunny Nakae who led a panel with pre-med students.

Dr. Joseph Lee returned with closing remarks concluding the conference. He spoke looking towards the future and with hope that the unique ideas and perspectives we gained from the plethora of individuals and experiences would be integrated into each attendee as they approached medicine in the future.

We thank all our speakers, sponsors, organizers and attendees for making this a successful conference! We look forward to continuing to interact with everyone and hope that the connections made and perspectives gained at our conference continue to grow from here!

2015 Hepatitis B/C Conference In Review: Insights Gained and Horizons Expanded

The 2015 National APAMSA Hepatitis B & C Conference was held on Saturday, November 14th at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, CA with the goal of not only educating student attendees about Hepatitis B and C, but also motivating them to take action to implement or strengthen the Hepatitis initiatives in their own communities. Around 100 students from over 20 schools around the country attended to learn more about the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of Hepatitis B & C and specifically how the diseases affect the Asian Pacific Islander populations.

The conference started with a keynote speech from Dr. Anna Lok (University of Michigan Medical School and 2017 AASLD President) followed by a Physician-Student Mentorship Luncheon, where students were seated in small groups with the nation’s leading hepatologists. After lunch, Dr. Stuart Fong, one of the founders of SF Hep B Free, spoke about the origins, challenges, and strategies behind the widely successful Hepatitis B campaign in San Francisco. A patient living with Hepatitis B also shared her personal story about her and her family’s battle with this silent killer. In addition to a clinical case activity, attendees further learned about Hepatitis B and C through amazing talks by Dr. Joseph Lim (Yale University School of Medicine) about the treatment of the two diseases and by Dr. Linda Wong (John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii) about the potential outcomes of Hepatitis and treatment of HCC. The conference ended with an inspirational talk from Dr. Samuel So (Stanford School of Medicine and Founder of the Asian Liver Center) about the Jade Ribbon Campaign and international Hepatitis outreach efforts.

The 2015 National APAMSA Hepatitis B & C Conference Poster Winners for each of the categories are: 

Individual Research: Christopher Pham – Dis-aggregated liver cancer trends in Asian Americans in 1988-2012
Community Work: Freddie Peng, Amy Lei – Hepatitis B Screening in Asian Pacific Islander Communities within Philadelphia
Combination (Incorporation of Research and Community Work): Joyce Nguyen, Denny Kim – Perceived Hepatitis B Status versus Actual Status in Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Rhode Island
Anonymous Feedback from Conference Attendees: 
“[This conference] exceeded expectations! Really informative and also great to meet APAMSA chapters around the nation!”
“I really liked the case where we worked in groups. It’s one thing to learn about how to diagnose, and what someone’s Hep B status is, but by participating in the case exercise, it really cemented my understanding. You don’t see that it too many conferences, so it was definitely beneficial.”
“It was awesome hearing from such heavy hitters in the community all in one day. This was very exciting and I had never seen anything like it before.”
“I had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed the talks! As Hepatitis B is a topic that personally impacts my family, it is always good to learn more. Hearing the efforts that are currently being put forth by rather inspiring figures within the Hepatitis B world was definitely encouraging and motivational

APAMSA Hepatitis B & C Education and Community Grants: Now that attendees have learned all about Hep B & C and how it affects the API communities, it is time to take action! Apply for the APAMSA grants to help fund an education or community screening event. More information can be found on the grant website. Plan ahead as the first deadline for screening grant applications is due on December 31st! If you like recommendations to Hepatitis B and C resources or have questions regarding the grants, please contact

Special Thanks to the amazing Planning Committee members William Jin, Diana Cheung, and Jennifer Chae for their efforts in organizing this conference! Shoutout to Alex Choy (APAMSA Communications Director) and Andy Tien (APAMSA Hepatitis B & C Director) for their enormous contributions as well!

The 2016 National APAMSA Hepatitis B & C Conference will be held in Boston on Saturday, November 12th, 2016. If you would like to help plan this event, please email

to join the Planning Committee!


All photos on this page credit to Kimberly Vu