We would like to recognize UCSD APAMSA’s amazing work hosting a mental health conference in May-

“Starting this year, we are excited to have geared our focus toward mental health and wellness, in particularly Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities. We want to raise awareness about the stigma that have harmed so many innocent lives, lives that would have been saved if people had received the help they needed from family, friends, and healthcare professionals. We believe that a Mental Health conference in May (Mental Health Month) would be a perfect opportunity for to raise awareness and to inform and educate our peers about the different aspects of mental health and how it intersects with gender, race, and socioeconomic class.
We named the conference “Burdens and Barriers: Breaking (API) Mental Health Stigma”. We welcomed Emily Wu Truong, an award-winning advocate for mental health awareness in particularly API communities, as our keynote speaker. Additionally, we invited a number of highly-esteemed healthcare professionals that hosted workshops on the various intersectional topics that have to do with mental health.”

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