Dr. Peter Wei, an Duke APAMSA alumni, reached out to us to generously offer us a discount on his newest project!

A few months ago, he and a classmate wrote this book on effective study tactics, delving deep into the roots of how we learn and how we can use this information to conquer med school. Following the book’s release, they have been featured on KevinMD and Student Doctor. They have been even more humbled by excited responses from students and educators around the country.

Dr. Wei would like to extend a special discount to us at APAMSA – his message to all of you is below!

Hello future doctors,

My name is Peter Wei.  I’m an APAMSA member who recently graduated from Duke Med and I’m a current radiology resident at UT Houston.

My med school classmate Alex Chamessian and I recently wrote a book called Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide.  We’ve been featured over at Student Doctor and KevinMD and have been excited by the response so far from med schools across the country.  We now wanted to extend a special offer to APAMSA members.

The book centers around one question: “What’s the best way to study in med school?”

This is a question that my classmate Alex Chamessian and I asked ourselves early on in med school. We suspected that the studyskills that got us through college would need some tweaking to meet the challenges of learning in med school. And we were right…

Rather than relying on our intuitions, we went to the research literature to see what was already known, so that we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel or waste our time with low-yield methods. As we found out, there is quite a lot that is known about how to maximize learning, but so many of the insights are locked away in journal articles, making practical application of this knowledge challenging for all but the most inquisitive students.

During our pre-clinical and clinical years, we tested out the things we learned, techniques such as spaced repetitioninterleaving, and deliberate practice. In addition, over the years, one tool in particular, called Anki has been aggressively field-tested by many Duke Med students to excellent effect, corroborating our own experiences.

In order to help future generations of med students learn most effectively, we decided to write a guidebook that encapsulates all the tools and techniques we gleaned from our research. The fruit of that labor is called, Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide.

We’ve been excited by the reception we’ve gotten so far, but we want to spread the word to med students across the world.  That’s why we’re offering a 30% discount on the book if you click on the link below.

Click HERE to get the discounted price.

Questions?  Please feel free to email us at learningmedicinebook@gmail.com.

Would you do us a favor and tell your friends about Learning Medicine?

We wrote this book to help med students everywhere, and so it’s really important to us to spread the word. One of the best ways to do that is referrals from friends. So, if you like what’s inside our book, it’d be incredibly helpful if you’d support us and tell your med school friends about the book. To facilitate that, we’re including a 30% discount link below to share by Facebook, Twitter, or email. Just click on the links below.

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