The 2015 National APAMSA Conference was hosted at the University of California, Irvine on September 26th, 2015 with Pre-Med Day on September 27th, 2015. The theme of the conference was “Intersections in Healthcare,”addressing how modern healthcare connects with other disciplines, particularly technology, business, policy, and law. We had over 240 attendees and 21 speakers gather to discuss how to approach medicine in this increasingly connected world. 
The conference opened with a personalized video message from the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, followed by the Keynote Speech by Dr. Jay W. Lee, President of the California Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Lee discussed how we can galvanize the medical student workforce to change the landscape of healthcare for patients and their communities through collaboration and innovation. 

Afterward, the attendees separated into various session comprising of talks from CAPT Paul Jung, Associate Director of Health Corps Office of Health Services, Dr. Joe Dervay, Flight Surgeon at NASA Johnson Space Center, Dr. Eliza Chin, Executive Director at American Medical Women’s Association, Dr. Mike Sevilla, a prominent physician blogger, and Professor Peter Schneider, Chief Health Sciences Counsel at UCI. Dr. Jay W. Lee also joined Dr. Emily Down, Dr. Bena Teo, Dr. Michael Lee Young, and Dr. Mike Sevilla in an engaging conversation regarding Primary Care. At the 20th Anniversary Conference, we also welcomed Dr. B Li, the founder of APAMSA to join withDr. Jhemon Lee, CAPT Paul Jung, and various other physicians in discussing the history of APAMSA. Dr. Suhaila Khan, Dr. Stephan Chao, and Dr. Art Chen from NCAPIP also came together to address mentorship and advocacy related to Asian American issues. 

Workshops ranged from literature in medicine held by Dr. Johanna Shapiro, to culinary medicine and sports medicine physical exam by Dr. Ben Leong, technology use in medical education by Dr. Julie Youm, and careers in academic medicine by Lindy Zhang. Students also had the chance to try their hands with ultrasound, an essential part of technologically-oriented curriculum at UCI. 
The conference concluded with a closing speech from the founder of APAMSA, Dr. B Li, who noted that each one of us has the chance and ability to make profound changes in this world, as APAMSA was started by just a few students with nothing but an idea and some opportune moments. Students and physicians enjoyed an outdoor banquet with keynote speech from Dr. Joe Dervay. He recounted his personal entry into military medicine and how he always kept patient care at the forefront of everything that he has done, leading to a fulfilling and exciting career. We hope that students were able to meet physicians from various walks of life and to increasingly incorporate their diverse experiences and interests in their medical careers. 
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