To commemorate May 19th, 2014 –National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – APAMSA is excited to partner with the Banyan Tree Project again to bring you and your chapter ways to get involved!

What happens on this day?

Organizations around the country dedicated to A&PI health host events in their communities to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS-related stigma. HIV-related stigma is the severe individual, family, and community shame or disgrace associated with HIV.

Being silent about HIV can contribute to HIV infections. HIV stigma hurts individuals and the community as a whole. People are discriminated against, disowned from families, and fired from jobs. But by understanding its cause and listening to others’ experiences, we can help end HIV stigma through knowledge and action.

It all starts with talking about HIV and listening with compassion. The more knowledge you have about HIV stigma, the easier you can prevent it and help those who are living with HIV. If you believe in empowering each other to build a healthier community, please join us and read on.

As the U.S. works to make an “AIDS-free generation” a reality, engaging communities in ending HIV stigma becomes more important than ever. For all communities, stigma is a powerful barrier preventing people from getting HIV tests or accessing treatment. For the A&PI community—where the CDC estimates that 1 in 3 people living with HIV doesn’t know it and over two-thirds have never been tested for HIV (National Health Interview Survey, 2009)—addressing the shame and fear that haunts the disease is imperative. National A&PI HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is an important opportunity to start that dialogue.

Suggested activities for you and/or your chapter

  1. Learn more about HIV stigma here:  Interactive elements include the “Are YOU a stigmatizer quiz?”
  2. Watch how HIV stigma affects A&PIs through these real-life stories:

An easy-to-plan advocacy activity for your chapter could be to briefly integrate a video discussion into the first part of your next meeting.  Please let us know if your chapter decides to!

Please contact Randy Luu and Arjun Gokhale at for more information!


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