Having been involved in an organization dedicated to registering minority donors, Teri Li never imagined that one day she would also need a bone marrow transplant. Her husband, Dr. B Li, founded the Asian Pacific American Student Association to help educate future physicians to this great need in the donor registry. Please help Teri find a bone marrow match to save her life by signing up to join the registry!

Dear APAMSA Chapter Presidents and board members,

Teri Li, Dr. B Li’s wife has recently been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Her best chance of survival will come from a bone marrow match. He has a personal message to you:

Some years ago at an APAMSA National Conference in DC, Teri and I gave blood samples to join the national bone marrow registry.  Never could we have imagined that one of us would be on the receiving end of a BMT!  As I have stressed in my many talks to you at regional and national APAMSA venues, ‘giving forward’ to others and our community is the key to our future. Please take this opportunity to ‘give forward’. Please spread the effort on behalf of Teri.  You could be her or someone else’s life line. We thank you. — B Li

Dr Li is a passionate advocate for the APA community. He founded APAMSA in 1995 and since then the organization has grown to include more than 15,000 doctors, medical students, and pre-medical students dedicated to tackling the complex APA ethnic disparities and health issues.

For all the work that Dr. Li and Teri dedicated to APAMSA and the APA community, we want to show our support in a nationwide effort in their time of need. We are asking that each chapter:

  1. HOLD A BONE MARROW DRIVE THIS SPRING: Please email marrow@apamsa.org to register your drive and to let Dr Li know your support
  2. ONLINE DRIVE from now until MAY 31st: Circulate the attached email to your school, class, church group, friends, Facebook, Twitter.
  3. SHARE with your friends about Teri’s story and the online bone marrow drive.
In solidarity,
Angela Vong
Bone Marrow director
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