The Physician Advisory Board is a network of physicians interested in helping Asian American medical students via APAMSA. For some, this means providing long term planning and insight for APAMSA’s student leaders. For others, it means lending their expertise and good name in building bridges between APAMSA and other community organizations and corporate sponsors. And for others, it means mentorship and teaching, at the national conventions and wherever anyone is interested in listening. For many of us, it’s a combination of all of these. We pitch in wherever we can, whenever we can and however we can.

The members of the Physician Advisory Board represent the spectrum of what can be done with an M.D.–we have residents and fellows as well as attendings. We work in academics, private practice and the public health sector. We have former leaders of APAMSA and current leaders of other prominent Asian American and health organizations in our ranks.

You’ll find us at the National Conventions and on APAMSA’s e-mail lists. Behind the scenes, we offer advice to the APAMSA Executive Committee and organize events like the annual Pre-Conference Leadership Forum.

Why do all this, you ask? Quite simply, we believe in APAMSA, and we believe that it’s important to help promote and develop the Asian American leaders of tomorrow. That’s you. Make us proud!

If you know of an Asian American physician that is or would be interested in helping the students of APAMSA, think about asking her or him to be a part of the PAB. The more the merrier!

B Li, MD
Founder of APAMSA
Department of Pediatrics
(Northwestern University)
Director of Gastroenterology
Children’s Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL
Jhemon Lee, MD
APAMSA Physician’s Advisory Board
Private Practice
Los Angeles, CA
Elena Ong
APAMSA Advisor to the President



Benjamin Woo, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Science
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA



Paul Jung, MD
Clinical Scholar
John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
Wally Lim, MD
Co-Director FCM 110
Department of Family & Community Medicine
University of San Francisco
Liza Cariaga-Lo, PhD
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Samuel Lin, MD, PhD
President’s Board
Pharmacia & Upjohn
Washington D.C.
Former Assistant Surgeon General
Rolland Lowe, MD
General Surgeon
Chinese Hospital
San Francisco, CA
Francis Lu, MD, FAPA
Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry – SFGH
University of San Francisco
Sundeep Nayak, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Radiology
University of San Francisco – Fresno
Wilbur Pan, MD, PhD
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellow
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL
Anthony So, MD, MPA
Health policy
Rockefeller Foundation
New York, NY
Ashiwini Sehgal, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine / Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics/
Center for Biomedical Ethics
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH
Anu Gupta, MD
1994-1995 Past-President
Robert Wood Johnson Fellow
Lawrence Cheung, MD
1995-1996 Past-President
Dermatology Resident
Washington University, St. Louis
Sean Wu, MD, PhD
1996-1997 Past-President
Internal Medicine Resident
Duke University
Durham, NC
David Wong, MD
1997-1998 Past-President
Emergency Medicine Resident
University of George Washington
Washington, DC
Albert Hsu, MD, PhD
1998-1999 Past-President
MD/PhD Student
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bronx, NY
Bena Teo, MD
1999-2000 Past-President
Medical Student
University of Illinois-Chicago
Mohammad Akhter, MD, MPH
Executive Director
American Public Health Association
Washington D.C.
David Park, DO
Chair, Primary Care
Touro University Nevada
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Program Director, Family Medicine Residency
Valley Hospital Medical Center
Las Vegas, NV