The National Board is elected by representatives from all medical schools at the annual National Conference. Meet the members of the National Board below:

APAMSA 2015-261



Executive Board


Kevin Riutzel

Touro University Nevada, MS4

Born in Daegu, South Korea, adopted and raised in Glendale, CA and school at UC San Diego and Columbia University, I am a 4th-year medical student looking to specialize in preventive medicine. I have been involved in APAMSA on national, regional, and local levels and have been involved since Day 1 of medical school. Prior to medical school, I worked in hospitality, emergency medical services, sales/marketing, and even on a food truck. In my spare time, I spend a lot of time mentoring, karaoking, hiking, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone on our national board with suggestions, comments, or questions for our organization. We look forward to hearing from you!


Vice President

Robert Hsu

Tulane University School of Medicine, MS4

Hello APAMSA! My name is Robert Hsu and I'm a 4th year medical student at Tulane University in New Orleans, the land of Mardi Gras beads and beignets. I have worked with APAMSA on all levels as local co-president, worked extensively with Regional Directors this past year as Membership Vice President, and have spent multiple years working on the National Board. My goal this year is to serve the needs of APAMSA at all levels-- from making sure our National Board promotes initiatives that will benefit all local chapters, to working with our Regional Directors to put together Regional Conferences accessible to our chapters across the country, to finding and working with our National Conference hosts for this upcoming year, and to read your feedback for how to make APAMSA better for everyone. I'm honored and excited to serve as your National Vice President this year and please do not hesitate to contact me for any feedback, questions, or questions!


Chief Operations Officer

Ruey Hu

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, MS3

Hi everyone! My name is Ruey. I’m a third-year medical student at Vanderbilt. I grew up in Toronto and studied at Princeton, where I majored in molecular biology and minored in Chinese language and culture, neuroscience, and applications of computing. My current research interest is in medical artificial intelligence.

I feel very passionate about what I can do to support the work you all do across the country to advance the rights and bridge the gaps in AAPI health disparities. You are all engaged in crucially important work. How can we extend these initiatives in a sustainable and scalable way? My goal this year is to expand the frontiers of our organization’s work in policy and technological innovation in order to strengthen our transparency, accountability, and efficiency. My mission is to catapult APAMSA to the forefront of informatics and technology-informed policy making among medical student organizations. Please share your ideas anytime with me.


Health Affairs Director

Michelle Chen

University of California Los Angeles, MPH

As a recent UCLA MPH graduate specializing in Health Policy and Management, I appreciate every opportunity to raise awareness for health disparity issues in the Asian Pacific Islander community. Having served on the National APAMSA Board as the Hepatitis B & C Conference Director for two years, I am confident that I will be able to facilitate communication and oversee the various initiatives under Health Affairs.

Throughout my undergraduate, I was passionately involved in promoting Hepatitis B testing and awareness and educating the API population on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As previous Referrals Director for APA Health CARE (a subgroup of the UCLA APAMSA), I helped organize more than 30 health fairs to screen the uninsured for metabolic diseases and collaborated with several other community groups to disseminate culturally-appropriate information on mental health, substance abuse, and preventative measures.

During my MPH, I continued these efforts through collaborating with over 20 organizations and coordinating three annual large-scale health fairs at the largest Buddhist temple in North America. With my extracurricular and professional work experiences, I have the project management and leadership skills to work with others on the E-board and lead the various National APAMSAHealth Initiatives. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue contributing to the growth and success of APAMSA and to further promote awareness of the health issues that affect the API community.


Chief Financial Officer

Sean Liu

Rush University School of Medicine, MS2

I studied Biology and Chemistry at Emory College. Born in Fuzhou, China, I came to the U.S. when I was ten and spent time in Brooklyn, Mississippi, and Georgia growing up. Being of rural origin and growing up and having worked in the American Chinese restaurant industry exposed me to the needs of the underserved communities. After some exploration in college, I decided that addressing their healthcare and social needs would be my life-long goal. My passion is in improving their access to healthcare and living standard through technology, community advocacy, and health literacy. My dream is to one day run a successful healthcare business that not only promotes healthy living and provides quality care but also supports my philanthropy effort for the underserved.

My goals for this year as the CFO are:

  • 1. Improve the efficiency of our office.
  • 2. Secure more funding and establish long-term relationships to support APAMSA’s operation needs at all levels.
  • 3. Expand our resource pool for our members.

Communications Director

Alex Choy

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS2

Hello! My name is Alex Choy – I’m currently a second-year medical student at Albert Einstein now serving the National APAMSA board as Communications Director. I grew up in New York and graduated from Tufts University in 2014 where I majored in Biomedical Engineering. After I worked last year as database director, I wanted to further influence APAMSA’s initiatives by accelerating our communication strategy. My primary goal for this year is to provide our members with up-to-date information from our health initiatives team across our regional and local chapters. I hope I can assist in developing functional platforms to ensure our members are able to act as leaders in their community to support APAMSA’s mission of addressing the health challenges that face the AAPI community.


Membership Director

Tim Chow

University of Missouri KC, MS3/6

I'm Tim, I was born and raised in Chicago, and I'm in my 3rd year at UMKC's 6 year BA/MD program. Some of my interests within and outside of medicine include academic leadership, shock, culture and travel, as well as golf.

Having gained experience as a treasurer at the chapter level and as a regional director last year, I am excited to serve as this year's Membership Director. I look forward to working with both the Regional Directors and the rest of the National board to help empower our organization to grow and continue our mission of making a difference.

Office of Health Affairs

 kim vu

Health Advocacy Director

Kim Vu

University of California Irvine School of Medicine, MS2

Hi y’all! My name is Kimberly Vu, current MS2 at UC Irvine.  I’m an Orange County native but did my undergraduate degree at Stanford University in the slightly more temperate Bay Area.  My medical interests include community health advocacy and education, and my non-medical interests include running, traveling, and acapella.

As this year's Health Advocacy Chair, I hope to work with individual chapters and the overall national APAMSA organization to identify key issues in our patients' communities upon which to advocate for.  Some initiatives that I have in mind include a monthly blurb about recent legislation in the pipeline most relevant to us as future physicians and quick FAQs about current heatlhcare legislation.  I look forward to working with you and your chapter in the near future!

 Jane Wang

Community Outreach Director

Jane Wang

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MS2

Hi everyone! My name is Jane, and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Community outreach in the API population has been an important issue to me for many years, and throughout my undergraduate career at UCLA, I worked extensively with underserved Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai populations in Los Angeles. This year, I hope to turn our focus to educating our community on the ACA changes and mobilizing them to enroll in marketplace exchanges. I also hope to work with each chapter to generate project ideas and execution strategies, stimulate cross-talk amongst individual chapters, and support chapters by distributing an annual project grant. I’m looking forward to serving you all, and I’m excited for what we can do together!


Cancer Initiatives Director

Jenny Yan

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MS1

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I'm a MS1 at Hopkins Medical School originally from Chicago. I'm very excited to come on board with APAMSA this year as the new Cancer Initiatives Director because of the great work I think this organization can do to help increase awareness of different cancer health disparities facing the Asian American population. I've done a lot of cancer research in undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in biochemistry and biology and got a Master's in chemistry, and have worked with the American Cancer Society in both research and fundraising programs in the past. I hope to translate these experiences to working with different chapters this year in setting up fairs, newsletters, and screenings.


Bone Marrow Director

Ashley Wu

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine MS2

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I am a second year at Vanderbilt. I am originally from Princeton, NJ and I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania where I studied Biochemistry.

My goal as the National Bone Marrow Director and as a member of the national board is to expand student and community education, registry membership, and financial support. I am excited to work with national bone marrow registries and APAMSA chapters nationwide to achieve these goals. No doubt that there is a long road ahead, both for patients and the field of bone marrow transplant, but I am thrilled to be an advocate for this cause!


Hepatitis Director

Andy Tien

East Virginia Medical School, MS3

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and completed my undergraduate at UCLA in Neuroscience and Economics. After learning about the hepatitis B epidemic in my undergraduate years, I became heavily involved in APAMSA, Team HBV at UCLA, and the Asian Pacific Liver Center where I raised awareness about hepatitis B and organized free hepatitis B screenings.

As the Hepatitis B/C Initiative Director, I hope to help APAMSA chapters nationwide brainstorm and execute new hepatitis B initiatives. I also hope to create unified hepatitis B educational materials that all chapters can use as well as organize nationwide APAMSA hepatitis B/C events. I will also do my best to support all existing hepatitis B/C projects that are out there and to provide as many resources as I can to all chapters. If you ever need any advice about hepatitis B/C related projects, please feel free to contact me. I encourage every chapter to join in on the fight against hepatitis B/C.

Hepatitis Conference Director

Diana Cheung
Hi there! My name is Diana Cheung-- I'm a first year at NYIT-COM, currently serving as the 2016 National APAMSA Hepatitis B+ C Conference Director. I grew up in NYC and graduated from Cornell with a degree in nutrition in 2013. As the 2016 Hepatitis Conference Director, I -along with our conference committee members- look forward to welcoming medical students from around the nation to the lively city of Boston for yet another successful conference on Hep B+ C! The annual conference represents a great opportunity for APAMSA members to learn about Hepatitis from expert clinicians in the field of hepatology and to share best practices for raising awareness of Hepatitis in our communities. Historically, this conference has been a great catalyst for diverse Hep B initiatives across the country. Our goal for the 2016 meeting is to inspire, motivate, and engage the next generation of APA physicians in tackling hepatitis- we look forward to hearing about your chapter's work!

This year is our 10th Annual Hepatitis B+ C Conference-- we hope that you will join us to make this our best Conference yet!


Global Health Director

Cyril Abraham

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS1

I was born in Queens, NY, grew up on Long Island, and went to college at CUNY Brooklyn College. I’ve participated in global health projects in the past, including studying with an NGO in rural India. While I was there, I was not only able to understand challenges to Global Health in general, like maternal/infant mortality, education, and economic development, but also issues that are especially important to Asian populations, like HIV/AIDS education and stigma reduction, cultural taboos and restrictions surrounding diet, and climate induced challenges to agriculture. Global Health, especially in Asia, is something that I am very passionate about and an area where APAMSA has a lot of potential. As Global Health Director, I would like to connect like minded members to great opportunities, resources, and scholarships, as well as highlight the health and development issues these populations face.


Mental Health Director

Britta Han

University of Michigan School of Medicine, MS2

Hi everyone! I am a MS2 at the University of Michigan Medical School where winter feels like living in the cold wastelands...I grew up in Bozeman, Montana and I completed my undergraduate studies at Brown University where I studied economics. After graduating, I was a Teach for America corps member with the New York City Corps and taught in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn for 2 years.  While teaching, I developed my passion for mental health because I saw the incredible impact that mental health had on the success of my students, both academically and personally. This motivated me to complete a post-bacc pre-med program and to apply to medical school in order to eventually become a psychiatrist. So, naturally, I am thrilled to be able to serve on the national board as the mental health director.

As mental health director, I would like to focus on two things this year. First, I would like to raise awareness about issues specific to API mental health and illness. Second, I would like to specifically work with local and regional leaders on educating each other about how we, as future physicians and members of the API community, can advocate for our community members in the mental health arena.


Health Education Director

Maggie Zhou

Stanford University School of Medicine, MS1

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Zhou, and I am currently a first year medical student at Stanford School of Medicine. Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, I completed my undergraduate studies at Yale in Economics and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

Though I grew up primarily in the United States, I was born in Nanjing, China, and I spent most of my summers there with relatives. As a Chinese-born American citizen, I feel a strong connection to my heritage, and I am especially passionate about Asian American health issues. As Health Education Director, I hope to spread awareness of health problems that disproportionately impact Asian Americans and of the health disparities that exist both between Asian and non-Asian Americans as well as among different Asian American ethnicities. Please reach out with any ideas you have on topics that you feel deserve more attention. I look forward to serving you all and to an exciting year!


Office of the Vice President


 Kathleen Picture

Academic Education Director

Kathleen Tzan

Jefferson University School of Medicine, MS3

Hello APAMSA, my name is Kathleen and I am an MS3 at Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia. I am a Taiwanese American who is very passionate about all things to do with spreading cultural awareness and education.

As a previous Education Chair of my local chapter myself, I know how hard it can be sometimes to stay creative and develop new opportunities or events to promote API education. My goal as Academic Education Director is simple—to help provide whatever resources your local chapter wants/needs in order to continue progressive development of your education. From consolidating resources for medical language classes to researching API related evidence-based articles to looking for more opportunities to publish API related research or submit essays on cultural clinical experiences as an Asian American, I am willing to help in any way possible to provide what your chapter needs to grow and develop in a meaningful and educated way. Please do feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how I can better help serve you! And of course, on the flip side, if there’s any awesome resources that you’d like to share nationally on our website, please shoot me an email about that as well!


Alumni Liaison

Mia Shan

University of California Irvine School of Medicine, MS2

I was born in China, grew up in Japan, and came to the United States in 4th grade to Maryland. I graduated from Stanford University with a BAH in Linguistics and a BS in Biology. In my free time, I enjoy Photoshop-ing, drawing, cutting hair, and learning new languages.

As the National Conference Chair this year for the 20th anniversary conference at UC Irvine, I had the chance to interact personally with multiple APAMSA alumni to bring them as speakers. I enjoyed connecting with the founder of APAMSA, Dr. B Li, discussing mentorship with various NCAPIP physicians, and planning future opportunities with the Chair of APAMSA Advisory Board, Dr. Jhemon Lee. As the Alumni Liaison this year, I hope to further expand and strengthen the network between physicians and medical students.


Premed Director

Anderson Nguyen

University of California Los Angeles, BS

Hello Everyone! I am a native of Los Angeles, California and attended UCLA for college. I am very excited to be returning for my second term as the APAMSA Pre-Medical Director. This year, my goals are to expand APAMSA’s pre-medical membership and to provide resources that will help pre-medical students succeed in their own pathway towards a career in medicine. I also intend to provide pre-medical students with more resources so they can become more engaged with community outreach and APIA health advocacy.

 I have been involved with APAMSA at the local level, as the Medical Student Mentorship Program Coordinator for the UCLA Pre-Medical APAMSA Chapter, at the regional level, as the Region 7 Director, and at the national level as the Pre-Medical Director and Chair of the 2015 National Pre-Medical Conference. I look forward to working alongside the APAMSA national board members and leading APAMSA’s pre-medical branch during the 2015-2016 year.

Premed Director

Daniel Kang

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS3


Office of Finance


Sponsorship Director (Corporate)

Gary Khammahavong

Brown University Alpert School of Medicine, MS2
Hi!  My name is Gary and I am one of the co-chairs for Sponsorship and Fundraising.  I was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and went to undergrad at Providence College.  Like many Rhode Islanders, I have yet to leave the state (it's a curse on Rhode Islanders).  I have been involved in the Lao community in Rhode Island, which has a large community of refugees from Laos following the Vietnam War.
I am excited to start working on the national of APAMSA.  I have always felt strongly about AAPI issues and I felt that the best way I could fight for these issues was through APAMSA.  Our local chapter had provided health screenings to local AAPI populations that may not have had access to care and that are often forgotten about (Lao, Cambodian, and Hmong).  Through APAMSA, I hope to raise more questions about how AAPI students and citizens are perceived by those in power and challenge the misconceptions that some may have about the AAPI community.
 Elisabeth Wong

Sponsorship Director (Academic)

Elisabeth Wong

Brown University Alpert School of Medicine, MS2

I am a second year medical student at Alpert Medical School of Brown University. I grew up in Groton, Massachusetts and went to Bowdoin College where I majored in Mathematics and Biology. Before medical school, I worked in a biomedical engineering research lab in Boston.
As a Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair, I plan to build on pre-existing relationships and form new partnerships with sponsors. This will strengthen APAMSA by providing resources for conferences, educational tools, networking, community outreach, and more. I have seen the importance of APAMSA on a local level as a leader of Brown's chapter and I look forward to contributing to the organization on a national level in the year to come.


Sponsorship Director (Private Donations)

Bensen Thai

Tulane University School of Medicine, MS2

Hello everyone! I grew up in southwestern Connecticut, and completed my undergraduate education at the University of Connecticut, where I majored in molecular and cellular biology. Now I find myself in New Orleans, where I am a second year medical student at Tulane, and current chapter treasurer.

I am excited by the opportunity I have this coming year to work for APAMSA in sponsorship, while continuing to advocate for the APIA community. I hope to improve upon APAMSA’s current funding and develop our professional relationships so that nationally APAMSA can continue to flourish through the growth of our local chapters. I am also eager to pursue opportunities to expand upon our APAMSA scholarships for students. Along with sponsorship, I’m passionate about continuing to promote awareness of issues such as mental health and HIV/AIDS as well as our Hepatitis B initiatives!


Office of Communications and Operations


Social Media Director

Linh Vu

University of California Irvine, BS

Hello everyone! I am from Southern California, Orange County to be exact, and I absolutely love everything about SoCal! You can take me out of SoCal, but you can never take SoCal out of me. I also love to find new food/boba places and hidden gems wherever I go.

You do not know how thrilled I am to be the Social Media Director for National APAMSA! Since I just let out the secret, you do know now. Social media has been growing exponentially and it amazes me that we do everything through social media. We receive news and communicate through from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat. Thus, I will make sure that all APAMSA-related news and updates will be available at your finger tips. Let's break the internet with APAMSA's awesome hashtags that will be trending all over social media!




Purnima Gurung

University of Southern California, MSc Candidate

Hi! My name is Purnima and I'm excited to be your editor in chief this year!
A San Francisco native, I am graduating this year in sunny SoCal with a B.S in Neuroscience and a M.S in Global Medicine from USC and will be applying to medical school soon! I have a variety of interests from music, creative writing to research and fostering bunnies!

I first encountered APAMSA by joining the Pre-Med chapter at USC and instantly found a family of caring future leaders who shared with me the importance of advocacy and instilled a passion for community awareness and involvement. I am grateful for the myriad of wonderful and meaningful issues the organization has exposed me to, including homelessness healthcare, mental health and global health for women and children. I hope to continue promoting these community-centered values of APAMSA and learn more about how we can improve the future of healthcare together through the sharing of ideas, projects or issues with our newsletters. So please feel free to reach out to me any time if you have an article, project or idea you would like to share with our community!



Internal Network Director

Robert Fu

Emory University School of Medicine, MS2

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be your internal webmaster for you all this year! As internal webmaster, I manage the APAMSA website as well as communications within the organization. I help build up APAMSA's online presence as an organization and through its many initiatives. I learn about new things that I'm responsible for everyday, so when in doubt, get in touch with me - it's probably my job, even if I don't know it [yet].

Growing up in Atlanta, I was often the only Asian in my grade at school. Maybe the entire school. It was a big school. I actually didn't realize the existence of an Asian American identity until I discovered the internet and Xanga. After starting medical school at Emory, I realized that this lack of awareness wasn't limited to 4th grade elementary students but existed in the industry of healthcare as well. Then somehow I ended up in APAMSA. I was probably chasing a girl. Now I'm on national board. That escalated quickly.


External Network Director

James Ting

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MS1

Hey! My name is James Ting, and I am a MS1 from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I hail from the great state of New Jersey and completed by undergraduate education at Yale. In my free time, I love to watch TV, play videogames with friends, and trying my hand at spoken word.

I became involved in the Asian American community starting in college and began developing my understanding of my not just own identity but also the political concerns surrounding the fastest growing population in America. As the external webmaster, I will work to help facilitate chapter websites and the online shop. Through APAMSA, I hope to remain an active learner and continue to contribute to the Asian American community, as a physician-in-training.

Database Director

Lydia Chow

Tulane University School of Medicine, MS2

A California native of Taiwanese descent, I received my undergraduate degrees in Biology and English at Duke University. While in college, I became immersed in student organizations focused on spotlighting APIA issues, with a particular interest in APIA underrepresentation in the media. Before entering medical school, I spent a year working as a data technician, managing databases for a prostate cancer research group. Currently, I am a second-year medical student at Tulane University and became involved with APAMSA as the community outreach chair at Tulane. As your Database Director, my goal is to maintain the existing membership database in a timely and orderly fashion, as well as to provide rapid support to the national board for any needs regarding membership records.

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