14468529_1202222859850442_8161560415272156084_oAPAMSA is the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. We are a national organization that aims to address those issues important to Asian American and Pacific Islander medical students.

One part of our mission is to bring together Asians, Pacific Islanders and others interested in the health issues that affect Asians and Pacific Islanders so that we may have a strong, collective, public and political voice. We are interested in both directly promoting the health and well-being of the Asian and Pacific Islander community as well as in helping all health care workers who work with these communities understand how to care for the Asian or Pacific Islander patient in a culturally sensitive manner. Finally, APAMSA provides an important forum for APIA medical students to meet, exchange information and experiences and develop personally and professionally.

APAMSA’s foundation was laid in 1993 by Asian American students worried about the present and future of their community and their role in it. These students began to discuss issues that they felt were ignored by existing organizations and formed groups at their local schools to help understand the unique challenges they faced as Asian Americans in medicine. Largely composed of students from east coast schools, these chapters also began to meet with each other in what would lead to the now annual APAMSA National Conference.

APAMSA officially started in 1995 with the first National Conference and has grown in many directions. As you can see on this site, there are several projects APAMSA is involved with. These include the Hepatitis B education and immunization project, and the Bone Marrow Donation project. As our membership and sponsorship increases, we hope to expand our involvement in related campaigns.

APAMSA also has strong stances on many issues. Being an organization based on health care, we have spoken out against smoking and tobacco use targeting the Asian and Pacific Islander community, for responsible alcohol use, for immunization and for health standards addressing needs of the medically underserved.


Mission Statement

We are an organization of Asian and Pacific Islander (APA) medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service.

Our Vision:

•To serve as a national forum for discussion, activism, and professional and leadership development
•Provide our members with meaningful experiences in leadership, service and research related to APA health
•Provide recognition for leadership and exceptional service
•Provide connections to mentors in specialties or leadership positions we wish to pursue
•Provide scholarships, international opportunities, and opportunities to become more involved with APA health issues.