Executive Board



Ruey Hu

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine / Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
MPH year of MD/MPH

Hi there. From my first year of med school, the inspiring people I got to know through APAMSA have become some of my greatest friends. I wondered, and still do: how can we create a stronger, richer community? How can we be more transparent, accountable, connected, and efficient? With this aim in mind, I built our local chapter portal, member database, the current form of our newsletter, our online shop, our chapter websites initiative, and our elections portal.

I love data science. That's one of the reasons why I'm so excited to be doing my MPH year in epidemiology and biostatistics right now at Johns Hopkins. I grew up in Canada and studied at Princeton, where I majored in molecular biology and completed thesis-based certificates in Chinese language and culture, neuroscience, and applications of computing. My current research interest is in risk prediction modeling in chronic kidney disease.

Looking ahead, I believe that our priorities should be to vigorously promote South Asian and Pacific Islander student initiatives, stimulate inter-chapter collaboration within each region, provide plug-and-play material for use in health screenings and education, and organize opportunities for students to engage with alumni in pilot cities. Please take advantage of the resources available to you on our network of sites, and share your ideas anytime with our National Board and Regional Board representatives and myself. You are all engaged in very important work. I feel very passionate about what I can do to support the work you all do across the country to advance the rights and bridge the gaps in AAPI health disparities.

External Vice President

Michelle Chen

Internal Vice President

Alex Choy


Hello! My name is Alex Choy – I’m currently a third-year medical student at Albert Einstein now serving the National APAMSA board as Internal Vice-President. I grew up in New York and graduated from Tufts University in 2014 where I majored in Biomedical Engineering. After working with APAMSA the last two years as database director and communications director, I wanted to further influence APAMSA’s initiatives by accelerating our infrastructure. The internal branch of APAMSA deals with alumni, pre-medical students, current database, as well as initiatives regarding academic education—essentially the past, present, and future of APAMSA. My primary goal for this year is to solidify the platforms of which our other branches rely on to develop health initiatives and provide them to our regional and local chapters. I strive to continue developing functional platforms to ensure our members are able to act as leaders in their community to support APAMSA’s mission of addressing the health challenges that face the AAPI community.

Health Affairs Director

Jane Wang


Hey y'all!
I'm Jane, and I’ll be your Health Affairs Director for this upcoming year! Grew up in the SF/Bay Area, went to undergrad in LA, and now a Baltimore transplant! I’ve had the privilege of serving as your Community Outreach Director for the past 2 years, so I’m pumped to be working with everyone again!

This year in the Health Affairs branch, my aim is to produce new resource materials and link local chapters to progressive technological platforms as they move forward in their outreach endeavors. I also hope to continue providing the same financial support and expertise knowledge on our current key AAPI issues. I’ll be working with each of the directors under the Health Affairs umbrella to enhance the reach and breadth of their projects, but I’m always available to directly interface with anyone who wants to chat about any of these issues.

Communications Director

Robert Fu

Emory University School of Medicine

Growing up in Atlanta, I was often the only Asian in my grade at school. Maybe the entire school. It was a big school. I actually didn't realize the existence of an Asian American identity until I discovered the internet and Xanga. After starting medical school at Emory, I realized that this lack of awareness wasn't limited to 4th grade elementary students but existed in the industry of healthcare as well. Then somehow I ended up in APAMSA.

As the communications director this year, I aim to promote and market APAMSA's activities and accomplishments in as many ways as possible while maintaining cohesion within the organization. I am always open to new ideas or avenues of operation - feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions!

Membership Director

Nancy Dong

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

When I first learned about APAMSA, I was impressed to find out that it is one of few medical student organizations completely run by students. Inspired by student passions, APAMSA's accomplishments are driven by the many unique strengths of its members. I like that. I'm a chemistry major from Williams College and a former high school chemistry teacher in one of the largest latinx communities in Los Angeles. Now, with my growing medical knowledge, I urgently advocate for my parents as we navigate the healthcare system, trying to get them the best care while I'm thousands of miles away in school. As your membership director, I'm lucky to work with others who are also passionate about lifting others, especially our API community.

This year, my projects will be aimed at increasing communication and support channels between the different levels within the APAMSA organization. I designed our new monthly update form, "Chapter Captures". Alongside my co-director, we are excited about expanding the APAMSA family and building our community. I am excited to be your membership co-director to help channel and organize our efforts.

Membership Director

Samantha Wu

Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine

I am currently a fourth year at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine. I graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Urban & Regional Planning and Asian Studies. I then attended California State University, East Bay to study Physiology for graduate school. I have been involved with APAMSA since my first semester in medical school. I have served as Regional Director for two terms, Sponsorship Chair and was President of our local chapter. This year, I am excited to work hard for our growing organization as Membership Director!

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Chen



External Vice President Branch


Global Health Director

Vy Le

Oregon Health Science University

Hello! My name is Phuong-Vy Le, a first year medical student at Oregon Health Science University, and I'm so excited to serve as your Global Health Director this year! Born and raised in Vietnam, I have witnessed first hand the various struggles pertaining to health access and care abroad, and that has fueled my ongoing interest and passion for global health. Since high school, I have gone on multiple medical and dental mission trips to Asia with my local church. During my undergrad years at Stanford University, I worked closely with Smile Group, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide financial, educational, and psychological support to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

My goal for APAMSA this year is two fold. First off, I would like to continue building upon our database of global health opportunities. Secondly, I want to ensure that members feel supported and prepared to be involved in global health work. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to chat! I look forward for the opportunity to bridge health advocacy efforts for issues affecting the API community on a national and global scale as the Global Health Director!

Health Education Director

Jack Liu

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MS1


Hi everyone! My name is Jack. I am a 1st-year medical student at Einstein. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and studied at CUNY-Hunter College, where I majored in biochemistry and minored in philosophy and legal studies.

I feel very passionate about Asian American health issues and as Health Education Director, I aim to promote the following goals:

(1) Work with other APAMSA health initiatives to strengthen National APAMSA's health education materials.
(2) Establish a Chapter Spotlight in recognition of work done towards the advancement of health education.
(3) Research and publish monthly column on the health disparities of Asian Americans in our Newsletter.

Please reach out with any ideas or concerns that you have on topics that you feel should receive more attention. I look forward to serving you all. Thank you.

Health Advocacy Director

James Ting

John Hopkins School of Medicine

Hey everyone! I’m James, currently an MS2 at Hopkins. I am excited to be your Health Advocacy Director for the year. I look forward to creating opportunities for individuals to learn about what health advocacy as an AAPI physicians looks like, and for people to get involved in issues affecting the AAPI population. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out and let me know what you have in mind!

AAPI Advocacy Director

Gary Khammahavong

AAPI Advocacy Director

Anjali Jotwani

AAPI Advocacy Director

Britta Han


Internal Vice President Branch


Database Director

Lydia Chow


My name is Lydia, and I am a 3rd-year medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine. A California native of Taiwanese descent, I received my undergraduate degrees in Biology and English at Duke University. Prior to starting medical school, I worked as as a data technician, managing databases for a prostate cancer research group. My past roles in APAMSA have been the Community Outreach chair of the local Tulane chapter and the Database Director on the 2015-2016 National Board. Having familiarized myself with the ins-and-outs of the national database during my last tenure, this year I plan to implement new systems to maximize efficiency in our annual membership updates and to bolster our separate databases for alumni and pre-meds.

Alumni Director

Munazza Hakim

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) College of Medicine

I attended California State Polytechnic University to receive B.S. in Molecular biology and Drexel University for M.S. in Principles of Biochemistry & Pharmacology. Currently, I am in the third year of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) College of Medicine and the co-community service chair in RFUMS-APAMSA executive board as well as Alumni Liaison in APAMSA National executive board.
My interest in APAMSA’s leadership positions initiated from attending the APAMSA National Hepatitis B conference in 2015. Where, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Dr. Lin, Dr. Riutzel, Michelle Chen and Cyril Abraham. These people and the conference impacted my life in a way that I could not stop thinking about how can I, a student pharmacist help APAMSA make this world hepatitis B free. Soon after attending the conference, I ran for APAMSA’s community service chair position with the goal to organize and host our school’s first hepatitis B screening event. Furthermore, I ran for Alumni Liaison’s position with the goal of strengthen APAMSA-NCAPIP relationships and to find and arrange mentor-mentee opportunities for the premedical and medical students. I am also working on the Video Podcast which will contain interviews of APAMSA’s recent graduates, advisors, and potential mentors.

It is my honor to be a part of APAMSA at the Local and National level and I am excited to serve APAMSA with the best and most of my services.

Premed Director

Kate Xie

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, MS2

Hello everyone, I am Kate. I grew up in Singapore, and attended the University of Miami for college. I am currently a second year at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and I’m
excited to be serving as one of the APAMSA Pre-Med Directors this year. I have been involved in the pre-medical process since undergrad, where I served as the president of MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-medical Students), and I am a firm believer of establishing a pipeline for aspiring medical students. Some of my goals for this year include creating shared resources for various stages of the pre-medical and medical school application process, so that our undergraduate members can receive the support they need to achieve their goals. I look forward to working with the national board to serve all of you!

Premed Director

Spencer Chang

Academic Education Director

Jiun Yiing Hu

University of Maryland

Hi everyone! I’m Yiing. I graduated from Wellesley College and Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin with degrees in neuroscience, and am currently an MS1 at the University of Maryland. Growing up in Malaysia and Canada, I often grappled with my Asian American identity. I love APAMSA because it empowers AAPI students to be advocates for their communities, and promotes education about health issues and disparities faced by AAPI groups, so that we may become culturally competent doctors for all our patients. I’m passionate about women’s & LGBTQ rights and global health, and am committed to advancing diverse AAPI representation in medicine through inter- and intra-institutional mentorship programs, research, and scholarship in APAMSA. Feel free to reach out to me at academiceducation@apamsa.org with any questions or suggestions.


Health Affairs Branch


Community Outreach Director

Rochelle Wong

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

My name is Rochelle and I am a 2nd year at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. I studied Biochemistry and Theater at UCLA. I hope to continue the excellent groundwork laid out by previous directors before me. In addition to helping chapters organize health screenings and reach out to local clinics, this year I am hoping to jumpstart a new initiative called the APAMSA Clinic Consortium. It is designed to bring together clinics across the nation interested in AAPI Health and connect them through a network of contacts and a repository of translated educational material. With this goal in mind, I am excited to be your Community Outreach Director this year!

Hepatitis B/C Director

Diana Cheung

Bone Marrow Director

Ashley Wu
Vanderbilt University SOM

Cancer Initiatives Director

Catherine He


My name is Catherine He and I’m a first year at Albert Einstein. I grew up in Manhattan and I went to Cornell University, where I majored in biology with a concentration in genetics. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to serve as your Cancer Initiatives Director. My goals are to build on the materials and progress made in previous years, as well as start new projects that will make an impact in local communities. I hope to build our network and work more closely with national organizations, such as the Asian Initiatives branch of the American Cancer Society. I also am planning to reach out to our local APAMSA chapters and find ways to help promote cancer awareness and put on events and workshops. I am looking forward to working with everyone in the upcoming year!

Mental Health Director

Victoria Vuong

Rush Medical College

Hello! I grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago and decided I needed a change. I moved to SoCal to attend the University of Southern California for my undergraduate education and then moved to Baltimore to obtain my Master’s degree in Cancer and Reproductive Biology at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. After working as a medical scribe in Baltimore and Boston, I decided to come back to my roots and I’m now an MS2 at Rush Medical College. During all that time, I’ve traveled many places, including Western Europe, India, and Central America. I’ve seen the need for mental health services in many different cultures and the accompanying stigma that is prevalent in the API community as well as across ethnicities. I was thrilled to be able to create a National Conference devoted towards increasing mental health awareness last year and now I’m very excited to devote this next year towards everything mental health-related!

As mental health director, my goals for the next year are as follows. My most important goal is to create a centralized database to access mental health resources for our members and other API community members – most likely in an online format. Here, everyone would be able to access a mental health handbook as well as the As(I)am; blog. Secondly, I would love to expand the blog on Facebook and other social media platforms, like Instagram. Third, to have a website of resources, there need to be resources! I want to collect various resources and create a handbook for mental health that can be distributed to our chapter members, so that they may increase awareness on their campuses.

Mental Health Director

David Yang

Louisiana State University - New Orleans, School of Medicine

Hello APAMSA! My name is David Yang and I’m a 2nd year medical student at Louisiana State University – New Orleans, School of Medicine. I started going to APAMSA conferences the year I applied to medical school and have served as my local chapters Freshman Representative and Chapter President. At the National level, I served as a member of the Mental Health Committee in the year of its inception and am now one of the Mental Health Directors for the incoming year. My goal this year is to expand on our work in mental health from last year by developing a larger presence in social media while expanding on our as(i)am; initiative. We are also seeking to develop connections with mental health programs across the nation to provide mental health care training to APAMSA members. I’m honored and excited to serve as your Mental Health Director this year and please do not hesitate to contact me for any feedback, questions, or questions!

Hepatitis Conference Director

Diana Cheung


Communications Branch


Senior Editor

Purnima Gurung

University of Southern California, MSc Candidate

Hi! My name is Purnima and I'm excited to be your senior editor this year!
A San Francisco native, I am graduating this year in sunny SoCal with a B.S in Neuroscience and a M.S in Global Medicine from USC and will be applying to medical school soon! I have a variety of interests from music, creative writing to research and fostering bunnies!

I first encountered APAMSA by joining the Pre-Med chapter at USC and instantly found a family of caring future leaders who shared with me the importance of advocacy and instilled a passion for community awareness and involvement. I am grateful for the myriad of wonderful and meaningful issues the organization has exposed me to, including homelessness healthcare, mental health and global health for women and children. I hope to continue promoting these community-centered values of APAMSA and learn more about how we can improve the future of healthcare together through the sharing of ideas, projects or issues with our newsletters. So please feel free to reach out to me any time if you have an article, project or idea you would like to share with our community!

Social Media Director

Linh Vu

University of California Irvine, BS

Hello everyone! I am from Southern California, Orange County to be exact, and I absolutely love everything about SoCal! You can take me out of SoCal, but you can never take SoCal out of me. I also love to find new food/boba places and hidden gems wherever I go.

You do not know how thrilled I am to be the Social Media Director for National APAMSA! Since I just let out the secret, you do know now. Social media has been growing exponentially and it amazes me that we do everything through social media. We receive news and communicate through from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat. Thus, I will make sure that all APAMSA-related news and updates will be available at your finger tips. Let's break the internet with APAMSA's awesome hashtags that will be trending all over social media!


Network Director

Yilun Wang

Indiana University School of Medicine

Hi everyone! I am a MS3 student in Indiana University School of Medicine. I am originally from China and went to undergrad at Indiana University. This is my first year being involved with APAMSA at a national level. I am very excited to serve you!

As the Network Director, it would be my goal to provide the optimal accessibility for members through website, email and group drive maintenance. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the activities and resources provided on our websites!

Junior Editor

Angela Cai


Hi everyone! My name is Angela, and I'm from New Jersey. I'm excited to take on the new role of Junior Editor of APAMSA!

As an undergraduate, I studied Biological Engineering at Cornell University with minors in Biomedical Engineering and Global Health. After graduating, I stayed at Cornell and got a Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering. Outside of school, I really like ice skating, horseback riding, and trying anything new.

I like incorporating creativity and problem solving into anything I do. One of the most useful courses I took during my Master's program was an Innovation course using IDEO's approach to Design Thinking. I hope to use what I learned and my experiences to bring new ideas to APAMSA.


Finance Branch


Sponsorship Director

Xiang Liu

Sponsorship Director

Elisabeth Wong

Sponsorship Director

Junne Park

Medical College of Wisconsin

I am Junne Park, an M2 from the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). As the Sponsorship Director, my goal is to increase our budget by creating new partners and reestablishing connections with old partners to secure funds for important events such as the National and Regional Conferences and the Hep B Conference and support our local chapters.

I attended the University of Rochester in upstate New York for my undergraduate, and lived in California for most of my life. Having been in the west coast, midwest, and east coast, I have been a part of many APIA communities. In California, I have experienced being among a large majority of Asians. In Rochester and Wisconsin, I have experienced being among the scarce minority. I understand the diversity within the APIA community and this experience made me passionate about APAMSA locally and nationally.

I am honored to serve as your Sponsorship Director. Please feel free to reach me any time.